Mini Workshop on

Dynamical Systems.

On the occasion of Dr. Roberto Markarian's Doctorate Honoris Causa.

Montevideo, December 6th.-8th. 2022.

For almost forty years now, Roberto Markarian has been a cornerstone member of the Dynamical Systems’ group at Universidad de la República. His contributions to Dynamical Systems, and in particular to Mathematical Billiard’s Theory, have been acknowledged throughout the world. He has also been a contributor to the spreading of Chaos Theory. His commitment to institutional construction, to education and science, and with society in general, have been a milestone in the history of Universidad de la República.

For all the reasons above, Facultad de Ingeniería (Engineering school) of Universidad de la República will grant him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa, and the Dynamical Systems’ group organizes a Workshop on Dynamical Systems to join this recognition.

Organizing Comittee: Dr. Nancy Guelman.

Dr. Rafael Potrie.

M.Sc. Juan Carlos Morelli.

Supported/sponsored by:

Grupo I+D 618

Sistemas Dinámicos